Terms and Conditions

Orders can be delivered Australia wide. We deliver to Beaufort Victoria at no charge. Orders can be arranged for delivery on most days, except Sundays and public holidays. Standard delivery fee to major city areas is 25.00 AUD for flower orders and this is added to the order at checkout (based on delivery address). Delivery fee for basket orders may vary. Some areas that are rural or remote will necessitate a delivery surcharge. On event days the delivery fee may also be higher. This will also be advised before your order is completed. Before major holidays, we recommend that you place your orders at least five days in advance to avoid disappointments.

Delivery Time

Flower orders are generally delivered by 5pm for business addresses and 7pm for residential addresses, however exceptions may apply based on geographic location of the order and courier availability. While you have the opportunity to nominate a preferred time of delivery in the special delivery instructions of your order, it is not possible to guarantee that these times will be achieved. For orders going to a timed event, Grevillea Cottage strongly recommend that you provide us with an alternative address so the flowers can be delivered elsewhere if the event is missed. We do not deliver to P.O. Box or locked bag addresses.

Should an order be re-delivered due to unavailability of the recipient or incorrect recipient information or changes to the recipient information, Grevillea Cottage may make request to charge additional fees and delivery charges to your credit card. Re-deliveries may be completed on the next available delivery date. For further information, please see the ‘refunds & cancellations’ section below.

Recipient Not Available

Please note any specific instructions in the ‘special delivery instructions’ field during checkout. In all other cases, if the recipient is not at home, does not respond when contacted, or does not answer the door when the courier attempts a delivery, they will either call the recipient to schedule an appropriate delivery time, leave the order with reception or security office of the building, or leave the order with a neighbour. Grevillea Cottage will not be responsible should the recipient refuse to collect the order or if the order is left on premise as a result of not being able to gain access into the premise, or left there at your request. If you select any other option e.g. to ‘leave at the front door’, Grevillea Cottage will not be responsible if the flowers are lost or damaged.

Should you choose to have the order left at the front door, left under stairs or left at front of house as the Delivery Instruction for your order, our courier will follow these instructions accordingly when possible. Grevillea Cottage is not responsible, and refunds or compensation will not be provided, should the order becomes stolen, lost, or should the flowers deteriorate due to weather condition or being left unattended, whether or not if we were instructed by you to do so.

Order Cutoff Times

Same-day delivery can only be guaranteed for flower products to major capital cities if these orders are received before 10 am Monday to Friday and by 9am on Saturdays and subject to the limitations in the next paragraph. Times are based on local time of the recipient’s location.

Same-day orders that are not possible due to stock availability or geographic location of the recipient may be processed on the next available delivery date. There is no delivery on Sundays or local public holidays unless it is an event day. Deliveries requested for those days will be delivered on the next available delivery date.

Local Public Holidays

Grevillea Cottage cannot guarantee delivery on public holidays in the state or country of the delivery location, as couriers may not be available.

Delivery Limitations

Pandemics and Other Global Issues affecting Supply

Grevillea Cottage cannot guarantee delivery when suppliers are subject to industry wide restriction on travel or seasonal disasters. In these cases, Grevillea Cottage will accept your order for the Delivery date you are requesting however can not guarantee delivery on that date but will work with suppliers and keep you updated and always give you the option of cancelling if your request is placed using the feedback form. However we request you consider the supply chain when cancelling; The Florist, Delivery Driver, The Wholesaler, the Farmer all rely on your support and thank you for your understanding.

Rural Or Remote Areas

Grevillea Cottage cannot guarantee delivery to some rural addresses and remote locations. To request a specific delivery time, please type it into the Special Instructions field during checkout. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences. As weekend delivery may not be possible in most of these areas due to unavailability of courier services, delivery will be automatically adjusted to the next available delivery date.

Hospitals, Recovery Houses, Student Housing and Nursing Homes

When placing your order going to a recipient in a hospital or nursing home, please be sure to include the hospital name and telephone number, the name of the recipient and room number or ward of the recipient. Orders are sent in accordance with facility procedures. As most hospitals do not allow florists to personally deliver to individual rooms. Please note that many ICU patients are not permitted to receive flowers, and some hospitals do not allow lillies or latex balloons due to allergen reasons. Please check with the hospital before placing your order. As orders are likely to be left with the hospital staff, Grevillea Cottage is not responsible for the safety or the remaining delivery of your order beyond the point of drop-off.


Grevillea Cottage treat funeral orders with the highest priority. To ensure your order is processed as smoothly as possible, you must include the following information in the ‘address details or special instructions’ section of the order form: Full name of the deceased, name and address of the funeral home and name and phone number of a relative, and date and time of the funeral.


When placing your order going to a recipient in an office, please be sure to include the business name and telephone number, the name of the recipient and room number or indication of the area the recipient is located. You must include the hours the recipient is available on premise or whether to have the order delivery to the reception or administration office. As orders are likely to be left at the reception, Grevillea Cottage is not responsible for the safety or the remaining delivery of your order beyond point of drop-off. If no hours are provided, Grevillea Cottage will assume the recipient is available according to regular business hours of 9am to 5pm.


It is required that you select a delivery time of by 3pm or earlier. Please consider when school holidays are when placing your order. Please clearly indicate the school name and if the recipient is a student or a staff on premise. As orders are likely to be left at the reception, Grevillea Cottage is not responsible for the safety or the remaining delivery of your order beyond point of drop-off. If premise cannot be accessed or the order cannot be left on premise leading to a second or subsequent delivery attempt, an additional delivery fee may be charged.

Private Residences

The following must be included in the order information to ensure the success of your delivery: recipient’s daytime phone number and preferably a secondary number of contact. Many private residences are not directly accessible by couriers and when it is not possible to leave the order at the office or security centre of the building, the recipient will be contacted to either retrieve the order at the entrance or assist the courier to gain access into the premise (usually by contacting the security office of the building to allow the drop-off). If the recipient cannot be contacted or is not available leading to a failed delivery, an additional delivery fee may be charged.

Payment Security

Grevillea Cottage accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You will be asked to select the card type during the checkout process.  We also have strict organisational procedures in place to ensure that the integrity of your data is maintained at all times. Your bank can also provide you with additional information regarding the security of your credit card.

Every transaction you make online using your credit card with Grevillea Cottage will be safe. This means that you will always know what you are paying for. In the event of unauthorised use of your credit card, you must notify Grevillea Cottage immediately of the charge and we will arrange for it to be reversed as soon as it is deemed as a valid error. In cases where it is deemed necessary, Grevillea Cottage may request to see your bank statement relating to your claim prior to taking action, these records must be a scanned, photographed or photocopied version in order to be accepted. For further details, please see the ‘refunds & cancellations’ section below.

If you are still uncomfortable using your credit card online, please contact our friendly customer service team and we will take your order over the phone.

Customer Satisfaction

Grevillea Cottage  strives to provide the best floral arrangements using contemporary floral designs via its network of  suppliers.

Please be sure to provide the correct delivery address on your order. If an order requires a second or subsequent delivery due to the recipient information provided (e.g. you have provided us with an incorrect address, recipient was not available at the address provided), an additional re-delivery fee may apply. You will be charged another delivery fee when the address is corrected. If we have made a mistake with the delivery address, we will pay for redelivery.


Except where noted otherwise, the price for each product is clearly shown on our website. The total order price, including delivery (and surcharges, if any) are shown on your order page during the checkout process prior to order confirmation. All prices are shown in Australian Dollars.

Delivery fee is different based on the location your order is going to. Should it be discovered that the address information you submit is inaccurate and an alternative address is given, you may be contacted to collect the proper delivery amount.

During promotions, our website may offer discount when a voucher code is used. These promotions are only valid when the said voucher code is entered into the Promotion Code box during your checkout process while ordering through our website. You may use only one voucher code or promotion code per order; each code may not be valid when used in combination with other promotional offers.

Product Substitutions

Grevillea Cottage is committed to providing excellent service and products. If you have any enquiries relating to your order or delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. All flowers are prepared fresh daily. We are unable to provide any alterations or amendments for orders that are in the process of being prepared, already prepared and/or in transit. Grevillea Cottage tries very hard to ensure accuracy of all product descriptions and website content is as accurate, informative, reliable and current as possible. If you believe we have not acted as described, your sole remedy is to refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Occasionally flower products may be substituted with flowers of different colour or types than the reference image due to unavailability or seasonality. Baskets and flower containers may be substituted with fair and reasonable alternatives due to their practical availability. In such cases, we will try our best to contact you before delivery. However, our priority is to deliver your order on time, whether or not we have managed to contact you regarding the substitution. In this instance, flowers of a similar shape, size and value but different type and colour may be used as substitution. Efforts will be made to maintain the overall effect of the arrangement. In arrangements of a single flower variety (e.g. single rose order), the flower type will take precedence over colour. It is recommended to indicate a second choice in your order description or ‘special delivery instructions’ to allow for any difficulty in supplying the order to exact specification.

You may specify a preferred colour in the ‘special delivery instructions’ of your order. If you do this and the colour or blend is unavailable we will substitute an appropriate colour or blend according to the occasion selected for your order. If you don’t want any substitution when your nominated colour is unavailable and wish to have your order canceled, please enter ‘(colour) only, if not please cancel my order’ in the ‘special delivery instructions’. With our gift and baskets range, due to seasonal availability or lack of stock of items in a certain colour, we might do a minor substitution to ensure that your basket arrives on time. If the substitution substantially changes the basket, then we will contact you to discuss the options.

Refunds & Cancellations

Orders in progress (either in preparation or being delivered) and same-day orders cannot be canceled or refunded. Same-day orders that are not possible due to stock availability or geographic location of the recipient may be processed on the next available delivery date.

Orders that are not currently in progress may be cancelled on request and at Grevillea Cottage discretion. A processing fee of up to 50 % may be charged.

If a delivery has been attempted unsuccessfully and requires a second or subsequent delivery to be made, an additional delivery fee will apply. Instances including but not limited to the following may result in an unsuccessful delivery: recipient is not available or located at the address provided, incorrect recipient information was provided, no safe location was found on premise to leave the product, recipient address is not apparent and additional instruction is required to locate the physical address. Re-delivery is scheduled on the next available delivery date as soon as the customer has provided us permission to charge an additional delivery fee onto their credit card. Customer may choose to have the order cancelled but will incur a cancellation fee equal to the full price of the arrangement including the delivery fee.

If proof of delivery or additional supporting document is required this may take up to 14 days.

Grevillea Cottage accepts no responsibility or liability for any failure or delay on the part of any third party in providing order fulfilment services to you where your order has been properly processed by it; where Grevillea Cottage is liable to you under these terms and conditions its liability will be limited to providing the relevant order again or to refunding money paid in relation to services not provided; the options offered here are to be at the sole discretion of Grevillea Cottage

Where a refund is applicable, Grevillea Cottage will process such proven requests within 14 days. Refunds are paid back to the same card used for the order. The turnaround time depends on your financial institution’s processing time. This is beyond the control of Grevillea Cottage.